RAVER Battery, accumulators RAVER Alkaline Battery LR6 (AA), 4 pcs in blister


RAVER Alkaline Battery LR6 (AA), 4 pcs in blister

Product number:: 1320214000
General number: B7921
Brand: Raver
This lamp
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*Savings correspond to replacement for classic 0
lightbulb at average time of use of 4 h a day and price a of 5 CZK/kWh
Basic product description

This basic series of alkaline batteries stands out due to their stamina when used in devices with low power requirements. The efficiency of these batteries stands out the most when used in devices with low long-term power consumption, such as: remote controls, clocks, alarms, calculators, various wireless sensors and dials. Compared to zinc-carbon and zinc-chloride batteries, these batteries have longer shelf life of up to 7 years. Their operating temperature is -20 °C to +60 °C.

Product parameters
brand Raver
battery size AA
possibility of charging no
chemical constitution alkaline
category/series Ultra Alkaline
capacity not stated
number of charging cycles non-rechargeable
type LR6 (AA battery)
voltage 1.5 V
dimensions 14.5 × 50.5 mm
weight 23,8 g
operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
max. shelf life 7 years
packaging 4 pcs, blister
Declaration of conformity 1320214000_21-B7921.pdf.pdf
Technical specification 1320214000_61-B7921.pdf
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