EMOS Lighting Christmas String Lights LED Christmas Lights puls., 12m, cool/warm white, timer


LED Christmas Lights puls., 12m, cool/warm white, timer

Product number:: 1534190900
General number: ZY1909T
Brand: EMOS Lighting
This lamp
annually saves you up to
0 €*
*Savings correspond to replacement for classic 0
lightbulb at average time of use of 4 h a day and price a of 5 CZK/kWh
Product advantages

This Christmas chain features the "Firefly" function, i.e. slight blending of the light of individual LED lamps.

Product parameters
type chain
light color cool/warm white
LED chain length 12 m
using both outdoor and indoor
auto on/off yes
more lighting modes 50 % of LEDs glow, 50 % of LEDs pulsate
power supply type electric network
shape classic
number of LED 120
LED gap 10 cm
LED size 5 mm
supply line length 5 m
for tree height 170 cm
cable colour black
power 3.6 W
voltage 230 V
IP rating IP44
dimensions not stated
lifetime 50 000 hours
packaging 1 pc, box
Declaration of conformity 1534190900_21-ZY1909T.pdf
Instructions 1534190900_31-ZY1909T_00_01.pdf
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