What we are proud of


We believe in trusting the partner you do business with. The fact that our company is certified guarantees the quality of the products we provide., but also the comfort and reliability of services provided.



We prefer to let our results speak for themselves. We take great pride and satisfaction when our hard work receives recognition. While the awards we’ve received are testament to our reliability, they also motivate us to work harder and to continue to improve.

budujeme-hrde-cesko-homepage.jpgCzech Leader Awards

EMOS was recently ranked second in the Czech Leader Awards for the Olomouc Region. United by the theme of "building a proud Czech Republic”, the awards are given out in recognition of the Czech Republic’s market leaders. The expert committee under the professional guarantor CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau, evaluated economic indicators as well as factors such as ethics and transparency, the ability to innovate and business track record.

TOP EXPO Award for Best Exhibition

On 20 November 2013, company EMOS spol. s r.o. received the TOP EXPO award for the best exhibition on the FOR ELECTRON 2013 trade fair.


1433010050_02-P2306.jpgGP Products Tested by Rescue Workers

Selected GP products have passed demanding tests on the international RESCUE PATROL 2016 exercise, with the participation of 150 rescue workers from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Germany. The tested products received the mark "Tested by Rescue Workers".


GP Batteries are the best-selling rechargeable batteries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Based on a survey by independent company AC Nielsen, GP Batteries was revealed as the best-selling brand of rechargeable batteries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the years 2012 and 2013. The GP Batteries brand thus strengthens its position, building on its successes of previous years.


GP ReCyko+: Winner in Quality Test of Rechargeable Batteries

GP ReCyko+ batteries with designation GP ReCyko+ 210AAHCB took part in a test of 16 rechargeable AA NiMh batteries with high capacity and were evaluated as VERY GOOD with a point score of 0.9. The results of the test were published in magazine dTest, issue 12/2010, and the batteries have won the right to bear the dTest mark of quality.




Garmin Navigation Recommends GP ReCyko+ Batteries

Based on long-term testing, experience and positive feedback from users, Garmin has rated GP ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries as the best product for powering its navigation systems.


Our EMOS E-shop Holds Prestigious Certificate Verified by Customers

The certificate Verified by Customers informs customers about the qualities of a given e-shop. In a customer satisfaction questionnaire, the users can evaluate, for example, delivery dates, communication with the shop, clarity of arrangement or quality of the shop. Each customer can highlight the pros and cons of the e-shop in question. Go to e-shop ->
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