What we know best


What we know best

Our main business strategy in the European market is to strengthen our own EMOS brand, which comprises more than 2,300 products, and to distribute products by other producers. These include GP, for which we are the sole distributor.

Under the EMOS brand, we develop and distribute electrical goods of various types. From bulbs, lamps, extension cords, weather stations and doorbells to monitoring equipment and high-frequency equipment in the form of antennas and related accessories. For selected ranges of products, we sell products under our other brand name RAVER., which we use for business mainly in Poland.


GP Batteries

In 1993, we became the sole distributor for GP Batteries, which we offer in the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian markets. Our range of GP products includes GP Powerbank batteries and auxiliary power units for mobile phones and tablets.

More than 50 years have passed since the founding of company Gold Peak Group in Hong Kong. Since then, it has gradually grown into a global supplier of batteries, of which it produces over 4 billion units a year. The company's innovative products have allowed it to become a leader in its segment of the industry in terms of innovation and one of the 5 biggest battery producers in the world.

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