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We want to change the world by making it simpler.

The story of the 100% Czech-owned company EMOS began in 1991 in Přerov. Over the years, it has grown into a modern trading company that now comprises an enterprise made up of four international branches. EMOS products are widely available and have been purchased by numerous households throughout Europe. Just look around you and see how many EMOS products you have in your home. Every day hundreds of our products begin their journey to the customer. Many of them are seen as commonplace today, yet we can hardly imagine doing many daily activities without them. We make life simpler.

The EMOS Concern

EMOS holding company was established in 2017. The parent company EMOS CZ group a.s. holds a 100 % share in its subsidiary companies EMOS spol. s.r.o., EMOS properties, EMOS SK, EMOS PL, EMOS HU and EMOS SI. The holding company was founded to more efficiently manage business policy across the concern, centralise logistic processes, utilise the synergistic effects of unified central purchasing and draw from the capital and economic strength of the EMOS group.


Information About the Concern

This declaration is made in accordance with the provisions of section 79, paragraph 3 of Act No. 90/2012 Coll. on Commercial Companies and Cooperatives, as amended. EMOS CZ group a.s. incorporates the following companies under its unified management:




We Provide Services to 23 Countries and 412 Million People

Our group offices are based in the Czech Republic. In an effort to improve the quality of trade relations and boost the availability of products to our trading partners, we have subsidiary companies in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia. We also export to two dozen other countries, mainly in central and eastern Europe. We trade across Europe through most major international sales chains.

Sales Service

Our experienced team of sales representatives provide sales service to all our partners. Equipped with the latest technologies, our representatives facilitate online orders for customers according to requirements. In total, our 89 sales representatives visit an average of 650 customers per day. Orders made electronically constitute an ever-growing portion of our orders.

EMOS Timeline

Since its founding in 1991 our company has developed over time to become one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic. This growth culminated in the creation of the EMOS CZ group a.s. in 2017.


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